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 Prayer Watch
 The Earth revolves on a 360-degree axis. Each degree equals 4 min. when you multiply 360 by 4, you get 1440; divide this by 60 and you get 24 hours that is 1 day. The 24 hours is divided into 8 3hour segments called watches. During each watch, God is releasing different thing into the earth for your benefit and for the advancement of the kingdom. During each watch it is vitally important that you take charge of the very first minute of that hour and pray for at least 1 hour.
First Watch: 6:00am – 9:00am
  • Take control of the day; your day.
  • Time for Declaration – declare what you want God to do for you during this day as it relates to your specific assignment – whatever finances or people.
  • Angels are to be released to us at this time to bring forth what God has released into the earth for us.
  • Transformation of our thinking pattern being released. Ask God to change your thinking.
  • Being equip for work.
Second Watch: 9:00am – Noon

  • Harvest is being released. Call forth your harvest. 1Kings 18:8 Declare for you the Promise from the Bible “Seedtime and Harvest”
  • Scientific and Technological advancement is being released (Joshua 23:14) Areas you can use from the Promise Bible: Unique Abilities, Understanding & Wisdom
  • Healing of Relationship – “be reconciled to God. God has given us the ministry of reconciliation” (2Corinthians 5:17-21) Push, feel for the release that God is giving you. Comfort and Encouragement – Promise Bible
Third Watch: Noon – 3:00pm
  • Promises of God are released Acts 26:13 and Jeremiah 15:8
  • Shaking of Foundations – knowing your authority in Christ. Know the power that God has invested in us (Luke 10:17-21) There are 7 foundational pillars in any kingdom – king, throne, authority, foundation etc..
  • Change your altars – change your ways of thinking and doing things.
  • Build new altars and establish new covenants
Fourth Watch: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Transformation of History and removal of veils
  • Remove coverings of darkness
  • Hour of covenant and prayers
  Fifth Watch: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Take dominion of Governments
  • Release and take dominion over Economies
  • Release and take dominion over Inventions
  • Release and take dominion over Arts
  • Release and take dominion over Culture
  • Come against strategies of Government
  • Subdue all spiritual strongholds, silence them and replace them (Eph. 4:9 tied to Heb. 4:14-16 and Jer. 1:10)
Sixth Watch: 9:00pm – Midnight
  • Specific favors are being released – (Acts 23:23) declare the favor scriptures
  • Patents are being released
  • Ideas and inventions are released – Unique Abilities
  • Strategies for business
  • Ask for systems to be changed banking, loans, government, educational and health systems
  • Take charge of our media
  • Get involve in and take charge of sports
  • Divine provision and divine favors
 Seventh Watch: midnight – 3:00am
  • Divine Protection is released
  • Demonic decrees are released. You have to cancel, made void all human and demonic curse, nullify them
  • Bring judgments against satanic decrees and curses
 Eighth Watch: 3:00am – 6:00am
  • Angelic activities are heightened at this time
  • Assign your angels to bring forth what God has released
  • Assistance is being released
  • Cancel all demonic transaction except those that are by divine appointment