The Benefit Of Joining KCGM Network for Covering 

•Apostolic covering for churches, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, ministers and ministries through a level of Apostolic & Prophetic life time Fathering.

•Provide minister's license and ordination of qualified ministry applicants, churches and ministries.

•Kingdom Networking, Spiritual and Legal Wisdom Counselling, to be effective spiritually and legally

•Spiritual Prayer Covering, for the understanding of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance, in this hour.

•Business and Financial training, direction, and mentoring to build pastors, ministers and their ministries.

•Spiritual Support for churches and ministers to effectively carry out their vision fulfilling the great commission, in this hour

•Give Spiritual Strength of churches and ministries already established, that they may stand as an Apostolic Church in this hour

•Connecting Apostolic and Prophetic Churches, Ministries, and Ministers Nationally and Internationally by Kingdom/Apostolic Networking with other networks.

From The Heart Of The Founding International CEO 

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