The Founder CEO - Apostle Dr. Denton Watson

Apostle Dr. Denton Watson is an Apostolic Father, a Jamaican by birth and is knowledgeable and trained in Church Development and Church Ministry and has gained Theological credentials in Evangelist and Pastoral Worker Ministry and Church Ministries. As an Ordained Apostle/Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he has answered the call of God on his life to be a deliverer to His people. 

This requires going to the Nations to teach and preach the Gospel of Truth in the Five-Fold Anointing, establishing Deliverance Ministries and empowering those transformed to deliver others also.

Dr. Watson answered the call of God on his life at an early age, and is now working in the Ministry going eight years full-time, as a bond apostolic servant of the Lord, Jesus Christ, he has served in many areas of ministry within the local church in Jamaica. 

Dr. Watson is the husband of one wife, his queen Minister Tamika Barnes-Watson, who have help him through out his ministries.

Dr. Watson ministers to all genders, singles, married people, youths and young adults at conferences, workshops, seminars, crusades, revivals, prayer breakfasts, retreats and so on.  

Dr. Watson is the President/Founder, for School Of The Kingdom Prophets Intl. and serves as the Pastor for the Mt. Peace Christian Fellowship Church Inc. He holds his Doctorate in Theology, in April 2013. He operates in the Apostolic Office and flow in the Prophetic Anointing. He is a Deliverance Minister, Evangelist, counselor, and Seminar & Crusade Speaker, and the author of two handbooks that is due to release soon. 

Dr. Watson believes that the work of Jesus Christ is effectively attained when His people live according to Isaiah 52:11/Matthew 28:18-20, “They that bear the vessels of the Lord must be holy and fulfill God’s purpose in the nations of the world. He also teaches individuals the basic principles of achievement and how to successfully cope with life’s day-to-day state of affairs by applying the Word of God. In addition, He provides one on-one prayer to individuals, families, couples, and young adults to help solve critical problem for those who are in pain or are worried.